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🤓Tired from studying and in need for a break? You do not have to cook yourself today! On Sunday we bring you a Special for only €7,50. Today, only limited available: Home-made Babi Pangang! YESSH😍 ✔️Kitchen opens at 17h00. ✔️ Take-away is possible, give us a call! ✔️All our meat is organic.


How many corners has an octagon, why is Uilenstede being called Uilenstede and why are bananas bend? Do you know the answers to these questions? Then you should join our Pubquiz `18/`19 tonight. You can win Beer, Super Nachos or an all included 3-course dinner for your team. 🤓 Talking about dinner. Today it`s also burger wednesday. Discounted burgers, sounds good? Try this month`s hero: "Let`s Goat Nuts" with a Jupiler for only €12. 🍔 Cheers🍻


De meeste dromen zijn bedrog, maar jij kunt jouw droom nu waarmaken. Wij zijn op zoek naar bedieningspersoneel! Heb je passie voor horeca, de nodige ervaring en, niet geheel onbelangrijk, ben je minimaal twee dagen per week inzetbaar? Twijfel dan niet en neem contact met ons op via FB of bel: 020 8226088 (vraag even naar Govert)


🍔Bye-bye Holy Guacamole🍔 This burger Wednesday is the last time that you can enjoy this month`s Chef`s Burger "the Holy Guacamole" with a glass of Jupiler for only 12 euros. 😍 What kind of burger do you want next month? Tag your burger-partner in crime and make a suggestion. If we like it, you`ll win the burger for free!


It`s all about Champions tonight!🏆 Tonight we show the Champions League match between AFC Ajax and AEK FC / ΠΑΕ ΑΕΚ. Kick-off is at 18h55. Come watch it at our big screen.📺 It`s also Burger Wednesday. While your watching the game enjoy our discounted burgers. Ask our staff about our delicious HOLY GUACAMOLY🍔


🇲🇽🥃🌮Let`s Mexigo!🥃🌮🇲🇽 Tacos, Tequila and free Corona😍 Because you probably can`t go to Mexico, we have decided to bring Mexico to you. That`s why we proudly present Taco & Tequila Thursday. And today is getting sweeter. If you buy a bucket of corona, you will receive one corona for free. Five corona for the price of four! (You will even receive the Corona Beach Bag, bags limited available!) 17h00 - 21h00: Three Taco`s and a free tequila for only €9,95. 21h00 - 02h00 : Two Tequila €2 and two free tequila with every pitcher of Jupiler Let`s Mexigo! 🇲🇽


🍔🎵Beats & Burgers (and AJAX)🎵🍔 Today we will not bring you our regular Burger Wednesday, we bring you Burger Wednesday on steroids We are cooking the juiciest burgers outside and Baco In August is bringing you their slickest Deephouse/ Techno/Disco hits. We even show you the Ajax amsterdam match live on our big screen📺 Music and burgers are on from 17h00! Come by and enjoy good vibes. Burgerhaters can enjoy our Lebanese Chicken Pita-sandwich. For veggie-enthusiasts we serve our delicious Goat Cheese Salad. This all goes well eith a nice pitcher of Jupiler. All our meat is organic✅ The VU Introductiedagen started today, want to keep yourself informed about our events and discounts? Join Introduction Week at Il Caffè for more discouts and events. For example, tomorrow is Taco & Tequila Thursday! Let`s Mexigo🌮🥃


This week is going to be amazeballs 😇We are also enjoying the VU Introductiedagen Every day events and specials, stay tuned for more info! Tonight we are bringing you a delicious special. Tika masala served with rice and a piece of bread. Only €7.50. Kitchen opens at 17h00. Take-away is possible. Delicious🤣


➡️In need for a delicious energizer, enjoy vegetarian special today 👌 Today we cook you a real Italian dish: Lasagne di Caprese. Awesome lasagne with Mozzarella, Tomatoes and Basil. 😍 Kitchen opens at 5pm, take-away is possible. -------------------------------------------- ✅All our meat is organic. 🕰️During the summer, we close at 1am and we open at 4pm. 📸Follow us on instagram:


➡️Woaa, vegetarian special today ✅ Today we cook you one of the ol` vegetarian classics. It`s an ode to the summer. Delicious Frittata with spinache, pees and ricotta. Served with a fresh salad, this dish will complete your sunday. Order it with a glass of white wine. The fritatta goes extremely well with our Weingut Braunewell Grauer Burgunder. Enjoy!😌😌 Kitchen opens at 5pm, take-away is possible. -------------------------------------------- ✅All our meat is organic meat 🕰️During the summer, we close at 1am on Thursday and Friday, in August we open at 4pm. 📸Follow us on instagram:


🥁*can we have drum roll please*🥁 It`s Burger Wednesday again! But, this one is a special one. Discount on the burgers, beers on the side and we will host AFC Ajax - SK Sturm Graz tonight🏆! Live and on the big screen!📺 So no plans for tonight? Join us, enjoy one of our burgers (Classic, Veggie or the Johnny B. Goode!) and support Ajax!⚽ 🍔Burgers starting at 9.50 with a refreshing glass of Jupiler beer!🍺 -------------------------------------------- ✅All our meat is organic meat ⚽We are broadcasting both Ajax - Sturm Graz matches 🕰️During the summer, we close at 1am on Thursday and Friday 📸Follow us on instagram:


💥Pa-daaaang!💥 We mean Rendang padang ofcourse🌶️! You don`t have to travel to Sumatra to taste the world`s best food, we bring it to you! Today as special: Authentic beef rendang accompanied by steamed rice🍚 and green beans! Only 7.50. Kitchen opens at 17.00h. Take away possible!


𝕊𝕦𝕟𝕕𝕒𝕪 𝕊𝕡𝕖𝕔𝕚𝕒𝕝: 𝐌𝐚𝐜 `𝐧` 𝐂𝐡𝐞𝐞𝐬𝐞 Thesis almost done and in need for a real energizer? We`ll go full USA on you: Macaroni with cheese and a delicious bechamel sauce. Bacon for the non-veggies is possible! For only 7.50. Kitchen opens at 17h00. Take-away is possible.


❤️🍔Burgers Wednesday: Johnny B. Goode & Pubquiz Final🍔❤️ As usual on wednesday our burgers are in discount! Last week we presented you the burger inspired on Chuck Berry`s song. We`re proud to say that, just like the song, it is a hit! The Johnny B. Goode. Brioche bun | homemade whisky barbecue sauce | lettuce | tomato | pickles | fried onion rings | bacon | fried egg | fries After the burgers it is time to test your brain and sharpen your mind. Tonight is the season final of the Pubquiz 2018. Will Kartoffelsalat win the last episode of this season? Or wil another team receive the fame and honor? Join the Quiz. We start at 21h00! 🍻🍔 All our meat is biological. Kitchen open 17h00. Follow us at Instagram: @ilcaffeuilenstede


❤️🍔Burgers Wednesday: Johnny B. Goode & Sangria🍔❤️ As usual on wednesday our burgers are in discount! In June we present our new burger inspired on the song by Chuck Berry: The Johnny B. Goode. Brioche bun | homemade whisky barbecue sauce | lettuce | tomato | pickles | fried onion rings | bacon | fried egg | fries Because of the weather we also have Sangria. Only €10 a carafe! 🍻🍔 All our meat is biological. Follow us at Instagram: @ilcaffeuilenstede


De Naeckte Brouwers and Il Caffè are teaming up! During this summer the Amstelveen based brewery provides our `Beer of the Month`. In june we start this collaboration with a beautiful saison. Sunglow: "In de hete zomer van 1947 genoten twee bollenkwekers tussen de tulpenbedden van een verkoelend bier dat thuis in de keuken gebrouwen werd. Dit bier van ‘oma Hommes’ was de inspiratiebron voor de naeckte brouwers om ook te gaan brouwen. Zonnegloed is een traditionele saison gemaakt voor ‘echte’ arbeiders." Saison, amber, 6.5%. Ask our staff.


🍔🍔🍔International Hamburger Day🍔🍔🍔 ”Man who invented the hamburger was smart, Man who invented the cheeseburger was a genius.” ~Matthew McConaughey Today, May 28th, is International Hamburger Day. We want to celebrate. That`s why we offer you our `Burger Wednesday Deal` on this sunny Monday. Post the picture of your ad-burger-ventures below. B-licious.


💕❤️🍔 Burgers Wednesday🍔❤️💕 As usual on wednesday our burgers are in discount! Our special: `The Báhn Mì Burger` tonight, including a beer, for only 11 euro! Or choose a more simple burger with a beer for only 9,50. 🍻🍔 Follow us at Instagram: @ilcaffeuilenstede