Il Caffe The best student bar in town. Thé place to eat, drink and party! Kitchen is open 7 days a week, from 17-21.
Uilenstede 346 Amstelveen Amstelveen Netherlands

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Today`s sunday special: Spring Flammkuchen Say goodbye to the bad weather definitely. Today we will cook for you: an amazing Flammkuchen with green asparagus, sundried tomatos and different beautiful cheeses. For the meatlovers; we also can make it with beautiful farmer`s ham! For only €7.50. Kitchen opens at 17h00. Take-away is possible.


--💕❤️🍔 Burgers & Pubquiz🍔❤️💕-- Every Wednesday our burgers are in discount! The Magic Muhammarra is inspired on the middle-eastern dish muhammara. This spicy paste goes well with our biological Lindenhoff burger, green asparagus, red onion and fenugreek cheese. Tonight, including a beer, for only 11 euros! Or choose a more simple burger with a beer for only 9,50. Also, tonight is our monthly pubquiz. Check Pubquiz 2018 Tasty!


🔥☀️Busy Week @ Il Caffè🤗🍔 It is going to be busy at our bar and restaurant this week. The planning: Tomorrow after dinner we will start with the fourth round of the Beer Pong Amsterdam League. So far, only men have won. Is this the episode where the girls take revenge? First prize: €100 Check the event page: The day after tomorrow It`s burger wednesday and our monthly, dutch Pubquiz will take place. Check: About Thursday: Zangeres Zonder Naam already knew it. Mexico is the land of all our dreams. Because you probably can`t go to Mexico, we have decided to bring Mexico to you. That`s why we proudly present the first edition of Taco & Tequila Thursday. Check:


--💕❤️ 🍔 Burger Wednesday 🍔❤️💕-- It`s burger time again! Come taste our tasty burgers. Every Wednesday in discount in combination with a #Jupiler beer. Choose our delicious,biological burger with a beer for only €9,50 Or pick our monthly special burger `The Magic Muhammarra`, also with a beer, for only €11,- The Magic Muhammarra is inspired on the middle-eastern dish muhammara. This spicy paste goes well with our biological Lindenhoff burger, green asparagus, red onion and fenugreek cheese. Tasty!


Daar staat ie al trots tussen onze vaste toppers: de nieuwe Burger Special van april, de Magic Muhammara! Geen zin om te koken na alle Paasontbijtjes, brunches en allerlei familieverplichtingen? Kom `m dan proeven!:) En omdat het zo lekker was hebben we vandaag ook weer chilly cheese fries!! We zijn open, tot zo!


- Pasen bij Il Caffè - Deze paaszondag zijn wij Eitjes aan het zoeken bij onze mamma`s en dus helaas gesloten. De rest van de dagen zijn we gewoon geopend! : Heb jij veel te veel eieren gekocht, gebruik dan dit recept voor eierbier (dit is een ding, we zijn niet verantwoordelijk voor het resultaat): Verwarm 0,5 liter bier met 3 eetlepels suiker en suiker en een schilletje citroen. Klop 4 eierdooiers samen met 0,5 liter melk en giet dit beetje bij beetje en al kloppend door het bier. Succes!


Todays special at il Caffe. Chili-cheese-fries, only 7,50. Also vegetarian! Kitchen open at 17! The perfect hangover food for a Sunday! Take-away also possible!


Sun is shining, and so are our burgers:) Come enjoy `The Greece Lightning` with tzatziki, feta cheese, kalamata olives, roasted eggplant, tomato and red onion. Today for only 11,- in combination with a Jupiler! or one of our vegetarian or regular burgers for only 9,50 in combination with a Jupiler!


Lazy Sunday`s Special: Flatbread met aubergine, feta, tomaat en falafel of kruidige gehaktballetjes. Met frites voor maar 7,50


For those who didn`t know yet: We`re open on Sunday`s as well from now on!!:) Come and have a nice Sunday chill-out session and grab a bite to eat if you want. Open from 16-23 o`clock.


--💕❤️ 🍔 Burger Wednesday 🍔❤️💕-- Every Wednesday our burgers are in discount! The Greece Lightning burger is inspired by the long evenings at the Greek coast. Served with fries and a glass of beer. Tonight only €11,-


Yes, we`re open tonight!! This Sunday`s Special: Quesadilla`s with chicken or vegetarian (served with fries) for only 7,50!


Brrr! Temperaturen onder 0? Kom snel binnen en geniet een laatste keer van onze verwarmende Chili Cheese Burger op deze Burger Wednesday! Burgers vanaf €9.50 inclusief een glas Jupiler! Brrr! Temperatures below zero? Come in and enjoy our warming Chili Cheese Burger for the last time tonight during Burger Wednesday! Burgers starting at €9.50 including a glass of Jupiler!


Jazeker! We gaan vanaf deze week ook op zondag open! Net gehockeyd,gevoetbald of gewoon zin om lekker te hangen en een burgertje of ander comfort food te eten, kom lekker langs! We zijn elke zondag open van 16-23 uur!!


Yes, hamburgers, all over! Tonight for only 9,50, including a nice glass of Jupiler beer


- 💕❤️Today @ Il Caffe: Cheesefondue w// your lover & Valentine`s Pubquiz (Dutch) ❤️💕 - Today is all about love in Il Caffe. So bring your S.O. (or your besties👊) and share our delicious Cheesefondue, a glass of the best bubbles. We will even immortalize the evening with a gorgeous polaroid picture 📸 Only for € 19,50 for you and your valentine! Say Cheese!📸🧀 After that the monthly pubquiz takes place, a great way to practice your Dutch (Sorry to the international fans✌️). It starts round 21:30. Subscribe at the quizmaster! Not before 21:00, he`ll be enyojing our fondue💪.


We`ve got a Valentine`s week coming up! Tuesday the 13th: Beerpong Tournament, cause everybody does that when it`s almost Valentine`s Day;) Winner get`s €100,-! Wednesday the 14th: The big day! Come and have a cheese fondue together! Only €9,75 a person. To top it off, you get a free glass of bubbles and a polaroid picture. Please make a reservation for this! Thursday the 15th: Valentine`s Day Party! Good tunes and lot`s of love, free shot for the first 70 people! Gotta love it!


We`ve changed our monthly Burger Special again, so here`s your chance! The Chilli Cheese, with chilli con carne, lime-coriander mayonaise, corn salsa and pepper cheese. As always, served with fries. With a Jupiler, today only €11,-! Our other burgers (regular and vegetarian) with Jupiler start from only €9,50! Burger Wednesday people!:)


What! No Valentine`s Day plans yet? Surprise yours with an easygoing cheesefondue on Valentine`s Day! With a glass of bubbles for only €19,50 (for 2)! We`ll make sure the atmosphere is right with some nice tunes and we`ll even throw in a free polaroid picture so you`ll always remember... Can it get more cheesy...:) After that our monthly pubquiz is there! If you want to join, you can tell our quizmaster on the night itself. Full is full.




Wees er snel bij vanavond, op Burger Wednesday gaat het hard! Een burger met een biertje voor maar €9,50! Daarnaast ook nog onze Burger Special: met Provolone kaas, chimichurri saus, tomaat, gefrituurde uienringen en ketchup. Met een biertje voor maar €11,-! ENGLISH: Get yourself to Il Caffè fast tonight! A burger and beer for only €9,50! Or try our Burger Special: with Provolone cheese, chimichurri sauce, tomato, fried onion rings and ketchup. With a beer, only 11,-!